Please help me to identify a font

Hi everyone, hope you are having a good day!

I make acrylic jewellery, and have been asked by one of my customers to use a font like the photo below. Does anyone know what this font is, or have a suggestion for anything similar?

Sorry it's not a great photo! Any help would be really handy right now! I've been searching through and not found anything yet!


default font for missing characters

You see how some of the vowels are smaller and serif even though the majority font is bold and sans serif? Does anyone know how to determine what font is being used as the back-up for those specific characters that the bold font is missing?

This was the best scenario for me to show what I mean, but in some other cases I've found that I actually like the back-up font better, but I don't know how to identify what it is...

Help? Thank you so much!